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Welcome Incoming Students and New Employees!

Your JasperNet Account is a set of credentials that gives you access to most applications and systems at Manhattan College. This 24/7 start.manhattan account tool allows one to activate a new account, reactivate an old account, and manage account access credentials.

Activate/Reactivate your JasperNet Account

Start Here if you are an incoming student or new employee and have been provided with a Username and Activation Code. You may have also been provided with a Username and Activation code by Manhattan College in other instances as well.

Note that as part of this process, you will be asked to create an account password. At the end, we'll also ask you to verify your Recovery email address to be sure that you can readily manage your account going forward if you forget your credentials.


I Need an Activation Code

If you have a Personal Email Address on File and have been granted an active JasperNet account, you can request that the Activation Code be Emailed to your Personal Email address. If your activation code has expired, you can also request a new one here.

Request/Reset Activation Code

Questions about activating your account? Need assistance? Please email us or call 718-862-7973.